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Phoenixx - ::Gio is Jealous::

   I had just been rescued. I don't know from who or what, but I had been rescued from something and was regaining consciousness. Where did I wake up? In a room. In a bed, with very clean white-blue cotton sheets. I was in my sleeping clothes; underwear and an over-sized grey t-shirt. The bed I was in was next to another one. A big king sized one with red satin sheets on them, slightly wrinkled. "Awake?" said a voice. Who else, but our god, Akio, came into the room. He was drinking something red. Wine? I don't know. But after he took a sip from the glass, he gave it to me. I don't know what it tasted like. I have limited taste abilities in dreams (damnit!). And he wasn't wearing his red-shirt-gold-armband outfit. He had on black ironed slacks and a white shirt with a black tie. Time passed. He did his own thing. I stayed in bed because I was in my sleeping clothes and didn't know where my actual clothes were. I don't remember what we talked about, but I know he was very nice. Kinda the way he acted in the series when he first appeared to Utena. I came to find that Akio was my room-mate for the next semester (jack-pot!), and this was the dorm. His own room. It was kind of odd that I was sharing a room with the chairman rather than with another student, but hey. Who's complaining? Suddenly he walked into the room and told me I have to go because someone was coming. I kind of freaked because I was in my night-clothes, but he realized this. He pulled out a green robe from somewhere and tossed it to me. I quickly threw it on. I ran out of the room and ran down the complex' hallway. I had nowhere to go, so I waited it out in a doorway. It was one of those doorways with walls on each side, so no one would see me unless they were directly facing the doorway. I sat there and looked at the robe I was wearing. It was a women's robe, obviously. Satin, again. It was a pretty green color, and it had an interesting collar that was kind of stiff and it was tied at the left breast. This guy can sure dress a woman well (not to mention, undress. A middle-aged woman (40? 50?) with faded gray hair ran down the hallway and went into Akio's room. I don't know what happened. The door slammed behind her. I sat there for about an hour, and then left. I went down to catch the school bus home.

   The lot was empty. There were about 30 students on the sidewalk, looking like they were waiting for the busses. A girl I know, Jennifer, came up to me, smoking a cigarette. She is the biggest slut in the world. I don't have anything against her, but she really is. She'll sleep with anyone. And she's just 15. Heh, but so am I. :) "So, have you gotten into foreplay yet?... Do you think I have?" she said. "You're into foreplay with everyone." I said, kind of puzzled. "Where's the bus?" I asked. "They left... you're a lucky bitch." she replied. I had remembered it was a half-day and the busses had left at 12:30. (I still don't know why all those kids were there). I smiled at her and went back inside.

   I went back upstairs, to the room. But he wasn't in his dorm. It was empty. After looking around there for a while, I found a white rat on the bureau. There was blood on the bureau. The rat's right ear had been cut off. The cut had already clotted a bit, but it was still fresh. The rat started wriggling. I don't know how, but I knew he was trying to direct me towards the shelf. On the shelf I found an orange plastic pencil box. The rat kept wriggling. In the box were two keys. A black one, and a silver key. The rat stopped wriggling, as if I had done what he wanted. I put him down. He looked a little happier. But I wasn't happy. I couldn't find Akio, so I left, with keys in hand.

   I went home then. My mom drove me home, and I remember staring out the window the whole time hoping to see a red car. Akio's car. I was also looking for a green car. I don't know why. I guess he had a green car to in my dream. But no, no Akio in sight.

   The next day, back at school, I used the black key to open a door on the left wall of the dorm room, next to the fold-out bed. Inside was a bar. A small bar. Two tables in the corner, and a bar in the middle. It was empty except for two guys sitting at the table. "Where's Akio!?" I screamed at them, almost crying. They looked a bit puzzled and just stared back quietly. But then I felt a warm touch on my right shoulder. I looked, and noticed a bronze-coloured hand. "Good evening, gentlemen" he said. His other arm was around the guy to the left. "And the lady as well". He looked at me when he said that with a devilish smile. He rarely used that kind of smile, but he did. And his eyes were very bright. Almost glowing, but not enough to look scary. They were green. But not like a sissy-ass teal-blue, nor a sour green. They were green with just the smallest hint of blue. Gorgeous. I felt a little light-headed. And he was wearing his traditional red shirt, with a violet tie, gold armbands and everything. I was so happy that he was back. (you see, the rat was akio, who had been transformed by that witch who was there earlier, and had recovered when I gotten the key out of the box. The key was put in there so it would be inaccessable by the rat (akio). the key was akio's way of changing back. Silver or black one? Who knows).

   The next day, I woke up. In my simple cotton bed. He was still have asleep on the other bed. I don't know what he was wearing. Boxers? Briefs? (lol). But I don't think he was wearing a top. He was lying on his back and had the blanket up to his chest, with his arms resting above the blanket. Long, tan, medium-build arms contrasted nicely with the shiny red sheets, and his silvery hair (let-down) was scattered everywhere in waves (yum-my!). I don't know why, but I decided to get out of bed and go to him. I put my head on his chest, and lay there for a few seconds listening for a heartbeat. I knew he had woken up as soon as my hair brushed his skin, but he didn't open his eyes and pretended to be still asleep. Then I decided to speak. "Do you ever think about true love..... Lucifer?" I said. He opened his eyes upon hearing his "name", and a smile appeared on his face. That devilish one. The kind only Akio can do (and how well, too!). He sat up a bit, on his elbows (yes, he was shirtless afterall! :D). His smile widened a bit and his white teeth glimmered slightly as he let out a faint laugh. Suddenly, he put his arm in front of him, bent. His palm facing the ground, some light formed. A ball of white light. He took his hand away and put it to the side. The light glowed. The morning star. That's what it was. The light got stronger, and I tipped my head back slightly feeling some new power. (imagine the utena-anthy transformation scene in adolscence apocalypse). Akio was absorbing that power too, though he was trying to keep his head up to look at me. Those green eyes, god you should have seen them. Suddenly our clothes transformed. He was wearing his duelling outfit, and I was wearing a light-orange rose bride dress. The wind whipped my hair in my face and it stung (I have quite long blonde hair). But eventually the light faded, and I sat up straight. "Do you ever think about eternity?" he said, kissing my hand and standing up (on the floor, of course). We walked out. It was time for a duel. (another one of those things that I knew but didn't know how). The challenger was Touga.

   But I wasn't around to see the duel (though Akio definately whipped Touga's pale scrawny ass). My mom woke me up. Grr. But I was left with the image of Akio kissing my hand. He shifted his eyes up towards me. Oh my god they were so gorgeous, I've probably said that a thousand times, but oh my god they were. Green. And that sexy smile accompanying it.