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Let This Be....


Deep within her subconscious, she felt a fluttering against her hand, like the breeze passing over a fallen leaf. Something pricked at her mind, something trying to bring her back to her senses – something floral, something intoxicating… something unique. Shifting her head slightly as her conscious mind returned to the fore, she noted it must still be night as there was no light filtering through her eyelids.

There it was again – that fluttering breeze. It was warm and drew her closer to it. Instinctively, she shifted her position beneath the heavy fabric to simply be closer to the warmth, closer to that scent. Her leg made contact with another and that gentle breeze grew and passed over her hand in a slightly faster pace. She drew her leg up slowly, bare foot easing across another’s skin, and she heard something catch in the sound of that fluttering breeze.

Eyes still closed, she paused there, fear creeping in. If she continued to feign sleep, she might be able to pass off the contact, the closeness, as harmless, but if she opened her eyes now, there’d be no denying it come morning. If she opened her eyes now, she would be roughly shoved out of the comforting warmth and forced back to the cold place where the slithering scaled creature with fangs laid in wait. No… as much as she wanted to open her eyes, she couldn’t - she wouldn’t. She’d plead ignorance once more just to stay where her heart resided, safe from the snakes that stalked the foot of her bed.

Just as gently as before, she slid her foot back down that leg and snuggled in a little closer. Now that breeze, no longer a gentle fluttering, played across her cheek. A tiny sigh escaped her lips before she could trap it inside as she relished in the closeness that she wanted, yet could never truly have. It would have to do. It would always just have to do.

There was a brief shifting in the breeze before it once more settled across her cheek, the fluttering trying to steady itself out into a predetermined pattern. She felt a brief brush of something warm against her shoulder, the strap from her sleepwear having slipped from its place, and then something was sliding through her hair. Hesitantly, it pushed two of the curls that always liked to fall into her eyes back and stayed there laced with the individual strands.

She stopped breathing. It was impossible not to stop breathing at the very moment. How could she even think about drawing a breath when warm skin the scent of wild flowers rest against her, so close she was almost overwhelmed by the sheer presence of it? It was a deliberate placement, the breeze still trying to even itself out, and she didn’t know what to make of it.

Unbidden and unable to stop herself, she opened her eyes to look across the plane of her hand. Dark eyes, the color of violets under a dusky sky, met her own. Those eyes held her fast, like a cat caught by her tail, and delved into her own. She knew her own hazel eyes were more the color of a stormy ocean than the light green color they typically were right then at that moment. There wasn’t anything she could do about it. With her… she had no control over her eyes.

Those violet eyes looked deep into her soul for longer than she could account for. And then, something changed deep within – a sparkle of… something. She tried to drop her gaze but again felt unable to move. Slowly the hand entangled within her hair trailed down the curve of her face to cup her chin. A thumb traced over her jaw line and suddenly, not only could she still not breathe, but her mouth was dry as well.

A tiny smile touched the lips across from her as the one with the violet eyes leaned over her to place those lips by her ear.

“Breathe… Juri… breathe,” the whispered voice spoke.

“Sh-Shiori…” It came out strangled as her lips worked without the strength of a whole breath behind it. Shiori returned to lie right before her. Her hand hesitantly moved to the back of the smaller woman’s neck. Once more, she stared into those shockingly deep violet eyes mere inches from her own.

“Just… breathe…” that voice whispered to her, the moving lips enchanting in their own right.

She finally released the air she’d been holding in and pulled Shiori to her, tail no longer caught in the other’s grasp, and took her lips in one swift motion. Stormy eyes closed at the contact, her breath catching once more, and held the kiss, once more afraid to open her eyes only to find it to be a dream.

That hand on her chin moved up to once more wind itself into her hair and she was pulled closer. Breaking the kiss only to draw in a quick ragged breathe, the emotion laced within the act grew at an amazing speed and before it could explode, she deepened the kiss turning it from something hesitant into something determined. Her other arm slipped underneath the smaller woman as the intensity of the kiss was returned.

Like a floodgate finally relieved of its pressure, both women moved at the same time. Juri slid her hand underneath the back of the other’s shirt, the other hand moving to grip her shoulder, while Shiori locked her fingers in the curly auburn tresses as she shifted position to hook her leg around the taller girl’s. Moving her head down, Juri kissed the other’s neck before letting her breath trail over the skin as she drew in the floral scent.

Shiori’s breathing increased at the sensation, Juri’s nose briefly brushing across the skin, as she seemed to be searching for a specific location. Having teased her love enough, Juri moved in suddenly to bite the smooth neck before her as she drew her nails down the other’s back, an enticing growl emanating from deep in her chest. Shiori gasped and her fingers tightened even more in Juri’s hair before throwing her head back to allow greater access. Petite hands moved across Juri’s body as they searched for something to do, occasionally caressing the bare skin at her shoulder, sometimes playing at the back of her neck, arms sheltering the panther from the woods that surrounded them.

Repeating the motion of searching Shiori’s neck, Juri rolled the other onto her back, hand moving from beneath her back to run her nails down the violet-haired woman’s leg. Once more, she graced the girl with her teeth - fierce enough to heighten the moment, yet still gentle and controlled so that marks would not be left. The girl moaned and gripped Juri’s hair so tightly had she not been so focused, so intoxicated by Shiori’s presence, she would have felt the pain.

Teeth released the center of Shiori’s throat and Juri licked directly up to the girl’s lips where she promptly had her tongue pulled in by the one beneath her. That kiss drove all cognitive thoughts from the panther’s mind as the passion poured forth from the girl. When the kiss finally broke after an indeterminate amount of time, Juri pulled back to look down at her love.

Staring into stormy eyes, Shiori let go of Juri’s hair. As the auburn tresses fell about them, hiding them and their emotions from the outside world, both fought to catch their breaths. As their eyes locked, all time seemed to stop and there existed nothing but just the two of them… there… together.

“I…” Juri started only to have her words stopped by a finger at her lips.

“Shhh… I know,” Shiori replied. “I’ve always known.”

Juri’s eyes clouded in confusion. “Then why didn’t you…”

Shiori bit her bottom lip. “I was scared.”

“So was I,” Juri said. “I… I still am.” She closed her eyes.

“So am I,” came the barely audible reply. Hands slipped beneath the front of Juri’s top to find the fencer’s toned stomach as Shiori began to sit up a bit. Juri moved back to accommodate her, the sleeping bag falling to the ground.

As the hands moved up her stomach, Juri whispered, “There’s nothing to be afraid of in the dark if you just face it.” She opened her eyes to find those dark violet ones stealing into hers once more.

“Believe in miracles, so that your wish may come true…” Juri wasn’t sure if those words were spoken to her or not as those petite hands moved overtop her breasts. Drawing a breath in, she closed her eyes and soon felt lips upon her chest, tongue curling about her exposed nipples. An arm went about her waist to support her as the sensation was causing her to shake a little.

Juri, through sheer force of will, regained control over herself, as hard as it was, and grasped the back of Shiori’s top and practically yanked it over the girl’s head. Thankfully, she was aware enough to stop her attentions to the fencer to let it come off without much fuss… or time lost. She quickly moved back to Juri as the panther’s nails drew down her back. Inspired, the girl lightly bit down on the nipple causing Juri to gasp and lift the girl’s head up for an intense kiss.

“No biting,” Juri said in a low voice.

“If you can do it so can I,” was the cheeky reply.

Juri chuckled. “But you like it.”

“And you don’t?” Shiori asked in a teasing tone as she pulled Juri’s top off completely before exerting enough pressure on the fencer’s shoulders to get her to lie back on the fallen sleeping bag. Hands teasing the skin on her stomach, Juri squirmed a bit, the touch ticklish, before the fencer’s soft hands found the girl’s smaller breasts and coaxed a small whimper from the girl’s lips.

Hands dropped from Juri’s stomach to the waist of her pajama pants. One slipped inside as the fencer pulled Shiori further on top of her, lips going to the small pert breasts. Sliding her hand between the fencer’s toned thighs, Shiori teased across the fabric of her panties. The sensation was starting to drive Juri out of her mind and she dragged her nails roughly down the girl’s back as she pulled on a nipple with her teeth.

The pressure increased in response, a light chuckle coming from her love, and Juri’s eyes rolled back into her head as she fought to maintain control of herself. Her nails trailed from Shiroi’s back around her side and then Juri gathered enough willpower to move that hand between the girl’s legs and roll them both so the panther was once more above her love.

The two locked eyes for a moment, hands moving between each other’s thighs, before Juri growled low and claimed the other’s lips. Taking advantage of the moment, Shiori slipped her fingers beneath the fabric of Juri’s underwear to slide inside the warm wetness. Juri suddenly broke the kiss and drew in a series of jagged breaths, her nails digging into the other girl’s arm. She quickly slipped her hand up the inside of Shiori’s shorts, searching, before gasping out loud once more in response to the attention she was receiving.

‘Let this not be a dream. Don’t let me wake up in the woods about the campfire to find this never happened,’ Juri thought to herself as the last shreds of her willpower disappeared.

With a passionate growl, Juri went for Shiori’s neck, biting in just the right manner to elicit an unrestrained response from her love. Had there been any dry leaves about them, they surely would have lit on fire from the heat the two were producing. Hands, teeth and lips moving in concert, the fire between them built and…

Juri sat up quickly in her bed, eyes unable to focus on anything. She was covered in sweat, her skin flushed and waves of sensation passed through her - more intense than anything she’d ever felt before. Gasping for breath, Juri clenched at the bed sheets as eventually she regained control of her shaking body. Stormy blue-green eyes cleared and she looked around, searching, only to find she was in her apartment, not under the stars in the woods. The morning sunlight was peeking in from the balcony.

Drawing in a deep breath, she let out a scream dripping in sexual frustration not caring if any of her neighbors heard her. She grabbed the lamp off the bedside stand and hurled it at the wall where it shattered with a satisfying crash. How dare her subconscious torture her like this?

She flopped back on the bed and pulled a pillow over her face contemplating the merits of smothering herself with it. At least then it might stop hurting. Might.