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Searching for the True Path


Is this where it all began, Juri asked herself sitting down on the bench. As she ran her hand over the rail, the ivory painted metal was warm from the rays of the setting sun. She looked across the lake and her gaze was quickly caught in the swirling patterns of color upon the surface of the lake. The waters rippled from the breeze that blew Juriís hair into her face, obscuring the mesmerizing patterns.

With an exasperated sigh, she pulled her hair back from her eyes and held it in place against the imposing wind. Still, her gaze was once more drawn back to the swirling colors. This was their place, where she and Ruka would sit and talk long after fencing practice was over. They discussed form, footwork and eventually fell into silence. It was a comfortable silence, in a way, as Juri almost relaxed completely. Then he would always ask her what she was thinking about, breaking the moment. As always, Juriís thoughts centered on Shiori, and things would go downhill from there.

She never could recall when she let it slip to him about Shiori. Then again, maybe he figured it out all on his own, or perhaps stole a peek at her locket; he wasnít above sneaking into the girlsí locker room to look at it while she showered; it was the only time she ever took it off back then. They didnít part well then and when he returned once more to Ohtori, they didnít part well then either. It seemed to be a reoccurring theme in Juriís life; those she cared greatly for, or cared for her, never left on good terms. Perhaps it was her curse in life to always be left behind, trapped in the memories of what had been and what could never be.

Even now, the sun warm upon her unguarded countenance, in the place they shared, their sanctuary away from the expectations and observations, her thoughts still drifted to that violet butterfly that stole her heart so many years ago. What was it now Ė seven, eight years? The ache was still there - the desire, the pain, the sorrow- it still hung about her neck and weighed heavy against her chest. It was as if Tenjou-kun had never cut away the locket in their final duel.

Juriís breath caught in her throat and she released her hair; the orange curls engulfing her face. It was then that she noted her natural veiling of her tears. They slid slowly down her cheeks as her hair hid them so that even the lake was rendered blind to her emotions. Why was it that after all these years, she was still chained by that locket? Would she ever be free of it Ė free to finally let go of what was imprisoning her, keeping her captive inside a gilded cage? So many uncertainties abounded in her soul, but one thing the panther knew for certain: the answers would be found within the roses of Ohtori. Juri would find them, even if she had to rip them apart, petal by petal.