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Touga's Very Bad, Horrible, No Good Day


The crisp white envelope with the rose seal was right where Touga expected it to be. A smirk touched his face as he broke the seal and slipped the communiqué from within. Oh what would End of the World, the esteemed chairman, have to say today? The letter was simple and to the point.

All color drained from Touga’s face as he read. What was requested…

The seitokaichou nodded and set out with determination to gather his fellow council members and see if they could help him with the enclosed letter. Knowing that Saionji was always in the kendo hall this early in the morning, Touga sought out the vice president first.

Saionji looked up as Touga entered the hall and frowned upon seeing the letter in his hand. “What does End of the World wish us to do now? I have little time for anything that does not involve defeating Tenjou and reclaiming my Anthy.”

“We have… instructions,” Touga said as he held the letter out.

Saionji’s amethyst eyes scanned the short message and then they grew wide. Eyes darting around the kendo hall, he caught the silhouette of that girl he’d stayed with when he was expelled lurking outside the hall.

“Wakaba!” The girl jumped a little as Saionji called her over, but quickly she approached.

“Yes, Saionji-san?” The girl was practically bouncing with energy.

Saionji gulped and shot Touga a look the seitokaichou had used on the kendo-ka more than once before returning his attention to the girl. “Let’s go for a walk…”

Squealing with delight, Wakaba hooked her arm with Saionji’s and followed him out, her voice droning on and on as the two left the kendo hall. Touga sighed as he watched them go. He had counted on Saionji giving him a hand, even if it wasn’t a particularly bright hand.

Continuing on his search, he heard the melody from a piano drift across campus. Checking his appearance in a window as he made his way to the music room, Touga slid quietly into the room. He placed a dazzling smile on his lips and leaned against the piano. The blue-haired pianist paused in his playing and looked up.

“Oh… hello, Touga-san,” replied Miki, his nervous voice wavering a little. He gulped. “Wh…what can I do for you?”

“Ah, Miki-kun…” Touga once more flashed that smile. “I have an important missive from End of the World that I would like you to aid me with.” He handed the envelope over, making sure to let his hand linger just a bit on Miki’s.

The boy’s face flushed a tiny bit and he carefully read the letter over before blinking. He then blinked again before looking from the letter to the seitokaichou. He read it over once more and then licked his lips nervously. “You want me to… help you with that?”

Touga nodded and sidled a bit closer to Miki, the top button of his jacket suddenly no longer hooked. “I think you would be… wonderful,” he said seductively.

“Ni-san, what are you doing?” Kozue’s voice jarred Touga out of his groove and he looked out the corner of his eye at Miki’s twin sister standing just inside the room.

“K…Kozue!” Miki glanced over at Touga and then slipped out from beneath the man’s gaze. He practically ran to his sister’s side and grabbed her hand. “I’m so happy to see you,” he said.

A devilish smile grew upon Kozue’s lips and she shot Touga a warning look before she dragged her twin out of the room. “I’ll catch you later,” she called back to the seitokaichou. Inwardly, Touga shuddered.

Frowning, Touga tossed his hair over his shoulder and proceeded to look for Juri. As much as she and him did not get along at times, she was his only hope now. This would be a delicate process. Exchanging blows with the fencing captain’s sword was a lot easier than trading blows with her sharp tongue.

He was so screwed.

Surprisingly, Juri was not found in the fencing hall, but out in the quad instead sitting on the edge of the fountain reading a book. Before he even sat down next to her, Juri held a hand out.

“Give me it,” she said.

Touga raised an eyebrow at her and smirked. “Are we suddenly psychic?”

“Of course not,” she replied looking up from her book. “I just saw Miki walking around willingly with Kozue and he seemed happy about it. What does End of the World want now?”

Touga sighed to himself. This was not how he wanted this exchange to go; Juri already had the upper hand. Perhaps he could turn it around. He handed over the letter and Juri, after shutting her book, slid it out of the envelope. After a long moment, she began to laugh.

“No, Touga, I will not help you. You are the one he sends these to. You are the seitokaichou. It’s your place to see that his requests are met,” she said with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“Now, now, Juri… let’s be fair. You are a member of the council as well. It is our job to make sure his requests are met,” Touga countered in an effort to sway the fiery woman before him.

Juri handed the letter back and leaned in toward Touga. “I’d rather have Shiori pull another sword from my chest than help you with this,” she said in a low voice. Catching sight of the violet-haired butterfly crossing the quad, she got to her feet. “Speaking of which… I think I’ll go have her do that now,” Juri added in a derisive voice. “Oh, Shiori…”

Touga narrowed his eyes as he watched Juri stride after Shiori. Now what was he going to do?

Nearby, Utena was watching Touga as he listlessly turned the envelope over in his hands, a thoughtful look upon his face. Curious, she walked over to him, Anthy close behind. She tilted her head at the seitokaichou. She’d never seen him so… dejected.

“Is something wrong?”

Touga looked up at Utena and simply sighed. He handed her the letter. “From End of the World.”

Utena pursed her lips for a moment and then opened the letter. She blinked and then laughed. “I’m bored. Do something?” Utena laughed again and dropped it into Touga’s lap. She grinned at his annoyed expression. “I’m so happy I don’t get letters from him.”

“Ha ha. I have no idea what to do and the others aren’t helping,” he retorted.

“I don’t know. Not my problem,” replied Utena. She turned to Anthy. “Can you think of anything?”

The Rose Bride stood there, eyes downcast for a moment. “Touga-san? I have an idea,” Anthy’s soft voice found their ears.

Touga’s eyes brightened and he beckoned her closer. Leaning up, Anthy whispered something in his ear. Touga stood up straight, blinked his eyes and opened his mouth. He closed it immediately as Utena started to giggle seeing his face flush. Touga looked from Utena to the Rose Bride, Anthy giving him a quick wink while her betrothed wasn’t paying attention, and then he stalked off in the direction of the planetarium.

Leaving a giggling Utena in his wake, Touga muttered under his breath as he unbuttoned more of his jacket. “The things I’ll do for that man…”