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Vigniti Tres : Part Six


   In the quiet of the night, the stillness of the ivory city after the nighthawks have gone to roost, two women sat in the confines of a plush office. Sipping tea, the dim candlelight reflecting off pale green locks, the one slid a small bag of coin across to the other. Shifting slightly in her seat, red lips curled up and she focused on the younger blonde woman across from her.

    “Do you think she suspects we're using her?” The blonde's question broke the thick silence within the office as she picked up the bag.

    “No, the girl's much too gullible to realize what we're doing,” came the reply. “She's been under my control for years now. She won't suspect a thing. Through her we will be able to keep track of out most... auspicious victim. How generous of you to grant my fiance and I your aid.”

    The blonde's eyes darkened for a brief moment. “Arisugawa has played on my brother's emotions for too long now. She holds him back, has insulted the Kiryuu name and I cannot forgive that,” the woman stated.

    The lazy chuckle from the older woman drifted heavily through the office. “How very convenient. You handed us the perfect scapegoat, my dear lady.”

    “When will they return from the palace?”

    “In due time. The treasure they seek is not easily obtained, even with the information you have provided.” Ruby lips curled once more. “It is best that you are not present when they arrive, lest you compromise your position. We certainly cannot have that happen.”

    “As much as I would like to see the results of their effort, you are right. I have much to do at the prince's audience tomorrow to further our goals,” replied the blonde as she stood.

    The older woman nodded. “Remember, he will be present. Your magic is quite an asset.”

    The blonde smiled arrogantly, not noticing the smirk at the corner of the older woman's mouth. “Indeed it is. Goodnight, Madame.”

    “Goodnight, m'lady.”

    The blonde waved her hands slightly and muttered a few arcane words before a shimmering portal appears in the open air of the office. She stepped through it and vanished without a trace. The older woman leaned back in her chair, finger twisting a few pale green strands of hair, as she proceeded to finish her tea.

    Less than an hour later, the office door opened and in swept a tall dark man. He moved with a smooth stride, the subtle sound from the armor hidden beneath a heavy cloak accompanying him, and crossed to the woman as she turned to look at him. Light reflecting off silver hair, contrasting perfectly with his dark skin, the man pulled her into a deep kiss.

    As they broke, the woman stroked the man's long hair. “Do you have it?”

    The man smiled, took the wrapped bundle from beneath his arm and slowly undid its bindings. The glint of steel as the cloth slid off the treasure reflected in the woman's eyes and her lips curled up as the ornate hilt was revealed. She ran a single finger along the length of the blade.

    “My brother's greatest possession is now ours, my love,” he said, his voice deep. “Dios will be ours. A prince is nothing without his sword.”