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Withered Roses Don't Always Die
Chapters 17-18


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Chapter Seventeen

“I suppose everyone should be able to chose their way to die,” Akio said to the green dragon.

“I don’t plan to die today,” Saionji replied, his eyes flashing green light.

Akio growled and charged him then, not wasting any more time talking. He agreed to fight Saionji one-on-one because it would accomplish one of two things. Akio would either make Saionji submit and join him again, or he would kill him and be rid of a growing problem. Now it was just a matter of seeing which of the two would occur.

I know what darkness means

And the void you left for me

The isolation stings

So think it wants to bleed

The echoes in my brain

Of the things you said to me

You took my everything

Now I’m coming for you!

Saionji flew off into the air when Akio charged him. The winged wolf gave chase. While they battled in the air, Utena resumed her task of crawling toward the Rose Gate.

Touga had freed himself from the swords by changing back to his human form. Though he wished to go help his friend, the red-head knew it would be better if he stayed to guard Utena. He could only hope that Saionji knew what he was doing.

The battle between the wolf and dragon was raging in the sky, the two beasts clashing horns, claws, and fangs. Electricity surged around Saionji’s long body to thwart off blasts from Akio black ice attacks. 

Saionji roared as he climbed higher into the air. He sent streams of green lightning towards Akio, only to have them be blocked by the Chairman’s barrier. The two creatures seemed evenly matched during the first few minutes of their battle.

I won't back down

I will not bow

I've come to bring you hell

I can’t forget

The things you did

I've come to bring you hell

Little did Saionji know, Akio was devising a plan. He was getting ideas as he watched the way the dragon fought, thinking up a way to use every little mistake against him. Akio noticed that each time Saionji unleashed a lightning attack, the spines on his back would stop glowing as he charged up for another barrage.

Akio flew within closer range of Saionji and dodged or blocked all of his electric attacks. Then, while Saionji was recharging, he would strike. All of Akio’s attacks were now physical, the wolf attacking with his own body strength instead of his powers.

Saionji grunted as he was struck by the Chairman, getting a deep scratch across his lower neck. He flew out of range again and fired another lightning bolt. Akio merely repeated the previous tactic.

Another mistake on Saionji’s part was that he was relying more on his powers than his own physical strength. Yes, Akio was heavier, but Saionji was the larger animal. The Green Rose had totally forgotten that fact.

The shadows that you see

In the places that you sleep

Are memories of me

Better pray your soul to keep

The truth behind your eyes

You know that place you never see

Your darkest little lies…

Are coming for you!

Down below the battle, Utena had reached the Rose Gate and was using the thorny vines to pull herself upright. She panted heavily as she began to try and open the door. Touga stood several feet away from the pink-haired girl. His eyes were pointed upward, watching the fight take place.

Juri, Miki, and Nanami were all watching from the platform located several hundred feet below the one where the Gate sat.

Touga looked away from Saionji and Akio when he heard a frustrated cry come from Utena. The girl had sunk to her knees, trembling and panting. The Seitokai President looked regretful.

“Forgive me… I would help you if I could…” Touga said to Utena, “But we are not the ones truly destined to bring the world revolution… We cannot even touch the gate…”

Utena said nothing in reply. She only struggled back to her feet and tried again.

‘I will…become a Prince…’ Utena thought desperately. ‘I have…to save them…!’

I won't back down

I will not bow

I've come to bring you hell

I can’t forget

The things you did

I've come to bring you hell

Saionji broke the cycle of Akio’s attack strategy by using a different style of counter move. The dragon snaked his long body around and, with the tip of his tail in his mouth, he began to spin. The spines on his back began to spark with lightning as he spun faster. Soon, the green dragon looked like a giant spinning electric saw blade.

Saionji flew towards Akio, spinning rapidly all the while. The wolf was forced to dodge him, getting farther away from him and then launching an attack with the black ice. The frigid spears of ice fizzled out as Saionji sliced right through them. The green dragon then connected with Akio’s barrier, the wolf not having enough time to dodge again.

Sparks of heat filled the air as Saionji’s body spun against the purple energy shield. Akio forced more energy into the barrier when it began to crack, and Saionji exerted more into his attack in return. An explosion of bright white light erupted from between them as their efforts canceled each other out, sending both beasts flying.

Saionji was able to get a good flap of his wings and catch himself in midair, though Akio continued to fall. Raising the water level was how Miki made it to the platform right below the Rose Gate. He, Juri, and Nanami all watched Akio plummet until he hit the water. He sank.

All was silent until the Chairman shot out of the water like a bullet several seconds later. Rocketing into the air, he tackled the green dragon. Akio was ready for this nonsense battle to end.

All the scars that never heal

All the wounds that will not seal

I will not forget the day

These memories never fall

I won't back down

I will not bow

I've come to bring you hell

I can’t forget

The things you did

I've come to bring you hell

Saionji squirmed to free himself when Akio tackled him, his tail and neck lashing from side to side. Akio shifted to the lizard’s back and was holding onto the dragon’s wings with his massive paws, using his own wings to steer him as he pleased.

“This is your last chance…” Akio spoke, his voice a deep growl. “Join me…”


“Join me…” Akio repeated.




“Go fuck your sister…” was the poisonous reply Akio finally received from the Green Rose.

Akio snarled in anger at Saionji’s smart remark and sunk his fangs into the back of the dragon’s long neck. Saionji gave a loud screech, blood spurting forth as he felt the area instantly becoming numb.

Akio’s teeth remained in the lizard’s neck as his eyes began to glow purple light, a light which then spread to Saionji’s own eyes. The bite wasn’t fatal, but Saionji knew what Akio was doing. He was making him mortal again.

I won't back down

I will not bow

I've come to bring you hell

I can’t forget

The things you did

I've come to bring you hell

Saionji gave a short cry of pain as Akio tore his fangs free of his neck. Pain was so much more intense while mortal. Saionji didn’t want to admit it to himself, but he felt rather lightheaded from the bite alone.

In his dazed state, he failed to notice where Akio was steering him. The swords that had been chasing him earlier were poised again, waiting for a command from Akio.

“And now, fool, you will feel the pain…the sting…” Akio snarled, “…Of the swords of hate…”

The swords charged, speeding toward Akio and Saionji. When the time was right, the Chairman released his hold on the dragon, escaping.

Saionji closed his eyes as the swords sliced at his body, leaving shallow and torturous cuts as they flew by.

I won't back down

I will not bow

I've come to bring you hell

I can’t forget

The things you did

I've come to bring you hell

The green dragon was a bloody mess by the time all the swords had flown by. Saionji’s wings were full of holes and he panted as he fought to stay air born.

“Saionji!” Touga called from below. He transformed and flew up into the air to try and aid his friend, flapping his wings as hard as he could.

Utena was alerted to Saionji’s condition when Touga shouted his name. She looked up, worry marring her sweat dampened face. The pink-haired girl gasped as she saw the swords take position for another assault. Her eyes fell upon Anthy, knowing that Akio was controlling the swords through her.

“ANTHY!” Utena screamed, though her shouts fell on deaf ears. “Don’t do it, Anthy! No!”

Akio chuckled as he heard Utena’s cries, the winged wolf sitting on a small ledge above the platform. His eyes flashed purple and so did Anthy’s. A single sword, one of a million, sped from the collection and seemed to be aiming for Touga.

The Pegasus gave a startled whinny as the blade flew past him, but didn’t graze him. Realizing where it was headed, Touga gave a loud warning neigh to his friend who was hovering painfully above the platform.

“Kyouichi, move!!!” Utena shouted from below.

I won't back down

I will not bow

I've come to bring you hell

I can’t forget

The things you did

I've come to bring you hell

Saionji turned a tired eye towards the sword. He stole a quick glance at Utena, then at Touga, before uttering a quiet chuckle as the sword impaled him through his chest.

I've come to bring you hell

Saionji gave a deep gasp of pain as he began to fall from the air. Touga dove to catch him as he fell past, but was unable to. A loud thud sounded inside the tower as the dragon hit the hard stone floor of the platform.

Touga flew down to him, the wind from his wings blowing away the dust created by the shattered floor. The Pegasus took a shaky step forward. Touga leaned down and gave Saionji a gentle nudge with his nose once he reached the motionless emerald dragon.

I've come to bring you hell

“Saionji…?” came Touga’s voice, the winged horse nudging him again.





Touga finally gave up, the horse taking a trembling breath as he looked away from his friend’s body. His ears gave a twitch as he heard soft, short breaths coming from the Rose Gate.

Utena had dropped to her knees again, her forehead pressed against the door, and her shoulders shaking with quiet sobs.

“K-Kyou…ichi…” she whispered mournfully.

I've come to bring you hell

The Summit

On the white coffee table, where the Seitokai sat to have their meetings, a golden vase of red, green, blue, yellow, and orange roses sat majestically. They were the symbols of the Student Council, proud and healthy plants.

However, the green roses suddenly began to wither. As if leaving the other flowers to linger in the dusts of time, the emerald blossoms wilted. Their petals turned brown, and became brittle and dry.

The night wind swept the dried petals from their stems, carrying them off to lands unknown. Soon, only one wilted green rose was left in the vase. One by one, its petals flew away on the breeze.

Where would the wind take these?

To paradise?

To heaven?

To eternity?

Or perhaps…to freedom?


Chapter Eighteen, Entering Flashback

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into coming out here, Touga…” grumbled an annoyed, nine-year-old Saionji. “The sun isn’t even out yet!”

On this muggy August morning, the two friends were out hiking-not-so-merrily through the woods. Touga had successfully convinced his friend to skip Kendo practice to go fishing down at the stream instead.

I analyze everything, I know what you mean

I answer by questioning all that I need

And I want to, to surrender

I want you to see all the sides

All the faces inside of me

“Stop complaining, Kyo-chan. Could you please try to enjoy yourself?” a ten-year-old Touga said, grinning at his friend. Though they were born in the same year, Touga was three months older than Saionji. His birthday had already come and gone.

It had been almost four months since Saionji’s parents died in a plane crash. Having grown tired of seeing his friend depressed everyday, Touga had taken it upon himself to keep Saionji busy. Every single weekend, he had something for them to do.

Whether it was hiking, camping, cave exploring, or…fishing, Touga never failed to have something that could possibly keep the younger boy’s mind off his deceased family. Touga had been working over time on this little scheme of his with his friend’s birthday approaching at the end of the month. He knew that day would only bring painful memories for Saionji. There wasn’t much he could do about that, but he continued to try desperately each day to keep his friend happy.

I see I'm not perfect, but that's all I see

Lost in a portrait, in a picture of me

This can't be everything I see

That my canvas is incomplete

Your color's everything to me

And my canvas will set me free

When they reached the stream, the two boys set up their gear and prepared for the waiting game that was fishing. Saionji was thankful to be out of the forest. The bugs were horrid so early in the morning. He never understood why mosquitoes insisted on biting him. No matter how much repellent he’d put on, he’d always come home with well over ten bites. Touga might get five tops.

“It’s because they know you’re so sweet, Kyo-chan.”

Saionji blushed faintly. That had been Touga’s explanation as to why mosquitoes loved him so. What a dumb thing to say…


After several hours had passed, the two boys were about ready to go back home. However, Saionji did not want to leave until he caught another fish. In five hours, Touga had caught seven, and Saionji had caught three. The green-haired boy frowned at the water as he waited impatiently for another fish to bite.

Finally, there was a tug at his line. Saionji yelped as the pull from the fish almost yanked him off the rock on which he sat.

“Whoa! This will probably be a big one, Kyo-chan!” Touga declared excitedly.

Saionji frowned as he held onto his fishing pole, fighting with whatever lay below the surface of the water. “Hah!” Saionji grunted as he gave a harsh tug on the pole. The fish that sprang from the water was revealed to be a large Trout.

Not far from the bank now, the fish struggled wildly to free its mouth from the hook. Luck shined on this fish, when the line snapped. Saionji fell backwards, but was caught by Touga before he hit the ground.

My outline is solid and made up of crime

And the things that you say just burn in my eyes

I want to, to surrender

I want you to find some comfort

In the spaces between the lines

The green-haired boy growled and pushed his hair out of his face as he sat back up. “Stupid fish…” he mumbled, watching as the Trout swam around the area of the bank. It was as if the fish was rubbing the fact that he’d gotten away in Saionji’s face.

Sighing, Saionji turned to Touga. “Let’s go.”

The boy blinked as he realized he’d spoken to the air, Touga not standing next to him anymore. A big splash came from the stream then. Saionji was fairly shocked to see that his best friend had gone and jumped into the cold, waist-high water.

“Touga! What are you doing?!” he called to the red-head.

“Getting your fish!” the other boy yelled back, hopping around in the water to try and catch the Trout with just his hands.

Saionji was dumbfounded. “T-Touga! You idiot! It’s just a fish!” he shouted, watching the ridiculous scene before him.

He got no reply as Touga dove and jumped after the fish, trying to pounce on it. At last, he caught it.

“I-I got it! Bring the bucket!” Touga yelled, having an extremely hard time holding onto the Trout that was about the size of your average bed pillow.

Sighing deeply, Saionji did as the other boy said and came running into the water with the white bucket they’d been keeping their catch in. Skillfully, Touga managed to get the Trout into the bucket without letting the other fish escape.

I see I'm not perfect, but that's all I see

Lost in a portrait, in a picture of me

This can't be everything I see

That my canvas is incomplete

Your color's everything to me

And my canvas will set me free

This can't be everything I see

That my canvas is incomplete

Your color's everything to me

Once back to land, Touga flopped down on the grass, panting. After several moments, he gave a cheer of triumph. Saionji sat the bucket down and came to sit down next to the red-head.

“What was the big idea, Touga? It was just a fish, ya know…” the Japanese youth said.

“No it wasn’t,” Touga said as he sat up, ringing out his soaked shirt. “It was your fish.”

Saionji groaned. “Of all the stupid—“ he began, but trailed off when he noticed that Touga’s fingers were bleeding.

“Your hands!” the younger boy exclaimed with surprise.

Touga looked down, “Oh, yeah… The fish’s fins cut me a little, I guess,” he said, wiping his bleeding fingers on his pants.

“Idiot,” Saionji said, getting up and going to retrieve his backpack which sat underneath a near by tree.

He brought it back to his friend and sat down in front of him. “I think I’ve got some band-aids. My grandma always puts them in here because she thinks I’m going to kill myself in PE,” the green-haired boy said, fighting to keep from rolling his eyes.

He proceeded to cover the cuts on Touga’s hands and wrists with the hand full of crinkled band-aids he’d located. Saionji was glad when he had just enough to take care of the task.

“Done,” he announced when he was finished. He blinked suspiciously when he saw the expression on Touga’s face. The red-head was smiling pleasantly at him, not saying anything.

Saionji frowned, “What’s your problem?”

Touga only chuckled and pulled his friend into a very wet hug. “I like you so much, Kyo-chan…” he whispered.

Saionji blushed deeply, but didn’t struggle to get away. Touga often did things like this for no reason. The green-haired boy just relaxed in his friend’s arms until he was ready to release him.

When he did, Saionji looked up at him. “Let’s go home now. Before we catch pneumonia or something,” he said, smiling a little.

Touga agreed and the two boys packed up their things, and soon began the hike back to their homes. Touga didn’t care that he’d gotten wet or cut up by the fish’s fins. All that mattered to him was seeing his friend smile at the end of the day.

This can't be everything I see

That my canvas is incomplete

You color's everything to me

And my canvas will set me free

This can't be everything I see

That my canvas is incomplete

Your color's everything to me

You're everything to me

From the very first day their parents introduced them, Saionji, without even knowing it, had charmed him in a way that he couldn’t understand.

No one held a higher place in his life than his friend Kyouichi. Not even Nanami, his own sister. Because Kyouichi Saionji was his. Not only his friend…

He was just…

Your color's everything to me


End Flashback

“Mine…” was the quiet word that slipped from Touga’s mouth as he stood above his friend’s bleeding body.

Time seemed to slow as the reality of what had just happened sunk in. The red-head hadn’t even noticed that he’d returned to his human form, nor had he noticed Akio advancing on him.

He stood still, staring at Saionji as he lay on the floor. Touga could not see the winding body of a dragon. He could not see the form of a handsome seventeen-year-old boy. All Touga could see was Kyo-chan, his nine-year-old friend, laying dead at his feet.

“He brought this upon himself, you know…” came Akio’s voice from behind the red-head. Touga said nothing.

Smooth, earth-colored hands came to rest on Touga’s shoulders. Akio had returned to his human form as well. The Student Council President didn’t try to pull away.

“There was nothing you could do. Touga, I do not want this fate for you,” the Chairman whispered into the teen’s ear. “Stop this crazy crusade…and I will overlook everything that has happened today. None of you will be punished. I promise.”

“And Saionji?” Touga asked in a detached voice.

“Will enjoy his eternal freedom,” Akio whispered, glancing at the fallen dragon.

A grim smile came to Touga’s face as he hung his head, crimson bangs shadowing his eyes. “No…he won’t,” he whispered, “Because he’ll know…that it was I who led him to his demise…”


It had been one of the things Touga had forgotten during his time under Akio’s influence. However, he could remember it now. It was eating him alive, slowly and painfully. He had no sympathy for himself, and he knew Saionji had none as well.

Until now, Touga had been able to do whatever Akio asked, regardless of the consequences, with absolutely no regret. Though now, Touga’s conscience had been brought back to life as he watched Saionji die. The red-head was so riddled with shame and regret, that he could not hold back his wishes for death. He could not run though.

Not yet.

“Get away…” Touga whispered, his voice low.

Akio frowned, feeling Touga’s body heating up. “Touga, don’t do this…” he advised. “I don’t want to kill you too.”

Touga was shaking with anger and shame. “Get…AWAY!!” he shouted, his entire body going up in intense flames.

Akio was forced to back off. Touga yelled as he changed back to his beast form. He whirled around, trying to stab Akio with his horn.

Akio jumped up high to dodge, changing back into the winged wolf. Touga followed him into the air and the two began to fight.

Utena had gotten back to her feet now and was trying with all her might to open the Rose Gate. Tears of frustration and mourning were rolling down her cheeks as she struggled.

‘P-Please open…’ she thought desperately. ‘Please! Open! I must become a Prince! I have to save Anthy! I have to save them all!’

Akio stopped suddenly as he and Touga fought in the sky. The winged wolf’s eyes shot towards Utena. The Chairman gasped when he saw that the Rose Gate was no longer a large white door covered with his rose vines. Instead, it was a smooth brown coffin with the Rose Signet symbol on the door.

Utena grunted and she tried to push open the casket’s top. Slowly, but surely, it began to budge, sliding the tiniest bit to the side.

“NO! Stop that! I’ll kill you!” Akio roared, soaring towards Utena.

Utena screamed and dove aside and the giant animal attempted to crush her with his body. She landed several feet from him, the girl dangerously close to the platform’s ledge. Akio snarled and charged her, though he was tackled aside by Touga.

However, one of Touga’s large wings knocked against Utena as he and Akio scuffled past her. This pushed her over the ledge.

“A-AH!” she cried as she held on with her bruised hands.

The water below had drained from within the tower and back out into the ocean, so there was nothing below to catch her. Juri and the others wouldn’t be able to reach her in time.

Utena screamed as her fingers began to slip. Soon, her grip gave way and she felt herself falling. She shut her eyes. A hand suddenly grasped her wrist tightly.

“Open your eyes, you stupid girl!”

Utena’s blue eyes snapped open as she heard the all too familiar voice shout at her. “Ky…Kyouichi?” she breathed, looking up to see if she was imagining things.

Sure enough, leaning over the platform’s edge was a very much alive Saionji. He was back in his human form. The Green Rose breathed heavily as he held onto Utena’s wrist. Blood was running over the side of the platform where he had lain.

Regardless of his state of health, the Japanese teen growled when he heard her use his first name. “I thought I told you not to speak to me in such a familiar manner!”

Tears returned to the girl’s eyes as she saw that he was okay. She didn’t do anything except smile at him. Saionji rolled his eyes as he slowly began to pull her to safety. The Green Rose was using the sword that was once impaled through his chest as a bloody anchor to hold onto, the sword’s blade piercing the hard stone floor.

Both Utena and Saionji collapsed onto the floor once she was out of harms way. After a few seconds of rest, Utena slowly sat up and looked at the boy next to her.

“Saionji, I…I don’t understand…” Utena said, “H-How are you alright…?”

“Alright? Alright?!” Saionji said, frowning. “What the hell gives you the idea that I’m alright?! God, you really are an idiot…” he said as he slowly pushed himself up.

Blood leaked from his chest in large amounts, and Utena stretched out a hand to help steady him if he needed it.

“I’m sorry… You’re hurt so badly…” she whispered. “I thought for sure that he’d killed you…”

Saionji looked at Utena. “I want my freedom, Tenjou. I intend to get it."