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The Akio Car Saga - Chapter Two
The Akio Car Serves Dessert


In a darkened garage, a quiescent car sat, thinking. Yes, the car was thinking! Don't ask so many questions, jeez. So anyway, it was thinking about some happenings that happened a few weeks before, maybe a month. Remembering the stern lecture Akio had given it, the Akio car was sure not to tune into AM stations at night, when the reception was so good that the strange ideas of all those crazy Americans could corrupt the beautiful car.

The Akio Car sighed. It was so bored. And there was something that it had to remember that happened that night, but it just couldn't. A switch had been thrown and the Akio Car couldn't remember what it did. Opening the garage door, the Akio Car slid into the night, searching out the people who it had affected with this mystery switch.

In their quiet rooms, five people sat up, surprised. They had all just realized something. Two of them had expressions of shock and fear on their faces, one had an expression of fury, one, of course, was appalled, and the last was looking inconvenienced. Getting up out of bed, each of them threw on a robe or some clothing, and walked over to their phones, each one dialing a different number, called by a force they couldn't name, pulled by the realization that none of them wanted to think about.

In five different rooms, five other people sat up, and were surprised. Wow, déjà vu. Their phones were ringing. It was the middle of the night, who could be calling at this hour? Of course, it was the last person they each expected.

Miki awoke, running his fingers through his cutely rumpled hair.

"Hm. Ringing. Tone indicates telephone. Hm. Hypothesis: Must Answer." He fumbled over to the phone, hands sprawling over it. He grasped the handle and brought it to his face. Upside down.

"Hello, hello?" he said into the transmitting side, "I can't.. I can't hear you." He muttered. Then he turned the phone over.

"Miki?" said the tremulous voice on the other end.

"Utena-sempai?" Miki said, frowning.

"Miki.. Um, I have to talk to you." Utena said.

Miki mumbled, "Can't this wait until morning? I'm not awake."

Utena made a negligent sound, "No. It can't." she said shortly, "Please come over to my dorm, right away."

Miki frowned, waking up a little more, "Miss Utena? Are you.. are you all right?"

"I'm.. fine. I… Look, I'll tell you when you get here, Ok?" she said quickly, and then hung up the phone. Miki frowned, placed the phone back in it's cradle, and got out of bed, haphazardly dressing.

Meanwhile, in another dorm.

::RING!!!:: stated the phone. Saionji sat up, ever at the ready.

He answered the phone on the third ring.

"Hello?" he said, "What do you mean, calling me at this hour?" he stated harshly.

"Saionji, shut up!" the voice shouted irritably, "I need to talk to you."

"Arisugawa?" Saionji said, confused, "What are you talking about?"

"Shut up." Juri said coldly and sternly, the equivalent of her ice queen look, "And get over here. Right. Now." The phone clattered with an angry shock as Juri slammed the receiver down.

Saionji gulped and replaced the phone with shaky hands, wondering what he could have done to get on the bad side of the ice queen.

Meanwhile, in yet another dorm. Okay, not really. Actually it was an ornate building.. Only it wasn't.. Argh.. ANYWAY!

::RING:: In his cloth draped bed, Mikage turned over.

::RING!!!:: Mikage opened his eyes, and slipped on his tinted glasses. He frowned, and lay his head back on the pillow.

::RING RINGY RING RINNNNNNGGG!!!!:: Mikage sat up, and growled.

"MAMIYA! Get that phone!" he shouted.

"Yes, Mikage-sama." Said Mamiya, hurrying towards the phone.

"Hello?" Mamiya said mildly, answering the phone. Directly after, he held it away from his face with a grimace, placing his hand over the ear piece. The screaming and screeching could be heard even through the damping influence of Mamiya's tanned hand.

"I think it's for you, Mikage-sama." Mamiya said, still wincing.

Mikage leapt out of bed, frowning.

"Hello?" he said.


"M-Miss Nanami?" Mikage said, sorely confused.


"Wh-What?" Mikage said, mustering the most emotion that he had, "Nanami… Nanami, just stay where you are, I'm coming over." Mikage said, hanging up the phone. He threw on a pink robe with black roses on it, and rushed out the door.

"Hold down the fort, Mamiya, I've got an emergency."

"Yes, Mikage-sama."

Meanwhile, in a large-sized mansion-esque thingy..

::Ring…:: Complained the phone. Touga languidly reached over for the phone, and brought it to his face with a smirk.

"Hello there, dearest. Do you want me to talk dirty to you tonight?" Touga said, not really thinking about who was on the other end.

The person at the other end made a soft choking noise, "Uh.. Touga-sempai?" said a very small voice.

"Who is this?" Touga said, sitting up halfway, hampered by the girls draped all over him. He was a bit confused. He thought he could bring up a match for every voice in school, his sample, of course, being them screaming his name, but this one.. He couldn't quite place it. That made him nervous. Girls he hadn't screwed were unpredictable.

"Uh.. Uh.. Shinohara Wakaba." Said the voice meekly.

Touga's brows lifted, as he remembered that night. Then his 'cool curtain' fell back down, "Of course, baby. I'll be right over." He said, smiling. He knew that his charm would eventually win the brunette onion princess over.

"A-all right…" Wakaba said shakily.

Touga smiled, extricating himself from the tangle of limbs on his bed, "Don't worry.." he said in his most soothing voice, "I'll be right over, and Touga-sama will make it all better." He said, and then he hung up the phone, barely hearing the somewhat enraged,

"A-ano!" coming from the receiver. He stood up and got on his red silk robe, fluffing out his hair.

"And that, ladies, is more evidence that once you've had Touga… you never recover." He said, but the girls on the bed were too tired and satisfied to answer.

In a dorm on the opposite side of the school…

::ring:: The small hand reached from the bedside to the phone.

"Mphello?" said the voice of Mitsuru, muffled by sleep.

"Hey.. Um… Shit. What was your name again?"

"Tsuwabuki Mitsuru." Said Mitsuru obediently.

"Tsuwabuki Mitsuru. This is Kaoru Kozue." She said.

Mitsuru sat up, abruptly flushed red and very uncomfortable, "Um… Ummmm…"

"Yeah, I remember now. You're just a little kid.. Oh well, I've had younger." She said flippantly.

Mitsuru flushed even redder, "A-ano… I don't exactly…"

"Well, wasn't that your 'initiation'? You should understand what I'm talking about by now." Kozue said skeptically.

Mitsuru turned DayGlo™, "Um.. Th- That night is… ano.. something of a blur."

"Well.. I know I enjoyed myself." Kozue said in her most silky voice.

Mitsuru began to glow in the dark, "Ano… Ano… Is there something you wanted to tell me… Because it's sort of late and.. and I have to take a test on my multiplication tables tomorrow, and remember the next five kanji characters…"

Kozue paused, "Oh yeah.. I need to talk to you, in person. Unless you'd rather not see me again. I can… pretty myself up, if you like."

There was a long pause, in which some people in the opposite dorm woke to find that there was a piercing red light coming in their windows, "Um.. No.. No.. That's, just.. All right.. I've gotta.. go get.. And…" Mitsuru managed to choke out.

"Ok, I'll be expecting you, little ouji-sama…"

"Oh… Oh god.." said a man in a black and white car a few miles outside the school.

"What? What is it?" said a crackling voice over the dispatch, "Officer Suzuka?"

The officer shook his head, "I… I think we're having… Problems.. Inform the government!"


"Inform the government that there's an intense reddish light emanating from… it looks like Ootori Gakuen…."

"Do you mean.."

"Yes. I think it's another nuclear bomb." A sob crackled over the intercom.

Not too long after officer Suzuka radioed the all clear…

There was a knock at Utena's door, "C-come in.." said the voice from within.

Miki paused at the threshold, and finally opened the door. He was wearing boxers printed with little blue stopwatches, and a shirt that was black and had a flaming rose on it.

"Utena?" He said, closing the door behind him.

"Gotta be normal, gotta be normal, gotta be normal…" Utena was mumbling.

"Um.. Utena?" Miki said, peering into the darkness. Utena hadn't turned on the light.

"Miki?" Utena said, "Thank you for coming."

"Utena, is there something wrong?" He asked.

"Yes." Utena said, "I suppose I have to just say it aloud."

"All right."

"Do you… remember that night?" Utena said.

Miki obviously did, "I've been trying to forget it, but I won't let myself." He said with chagrin.

"Well.. You know.. what can happen when things like that happen…" Utena said uncomfortably.

Miki was puzzled, "Um. Sexually Transmitted diseases… Psychological damage…" he said, trailing off.

Utena sighed, "You're not making this any easier." She said. She sighed, and looked down, "Miki.. I'm pregnant."

There was no response but a muffled thump on the carpet. Startled, Utena flipped on the lamp next to her bed to see Miki passed out on the floor, and she turned her eyes up to the sky in exasperation. Her face was briefly illuminated by the sweep of two car headlights.

There was a knock at the door…

"Arisugawa?" called Saionji.

There was no reply.

"Arisugawa! I can't wait all night!" Saionji complained.

"Shut up!" Juri shouted, "I hate you!"

Saionji nodded, "I know. So?"

There was a pause, "Well, I hate you even more now!" Juri said, voice close to hysterics, "COME IN!"

Saionji was confused, but he decided not to contest, "All right." He said with a shrug, and pushed the door open.

As he turned his face into the room, his righteous confusion was met with a fist to the jaw.

The last thing Saionji heard before his head hit the floor was, "YOU STUPID IDIOTIC…. MAN!"

Coming to, Saionji heard a muttering, and he couldn't quite make out what it was. He sat up, and found that he had been dragged onto the bed. He looked around, rubbing his jaw. A far distant part of him had been wondering when he was going to get a taste of his own medicine. It seemed like today was the day.

"Uh.. Arisugawa?" he said.

"What do you want?" she said coldly.

Saionji frowned, "Um.. well, you asked me to come over here, and then when I came in, you cracked me one right in the jaw… I'd like for you to tell me what the hell I'm doing here." He said with more than a hint of anger in his voice.

Juri flipped on the light, and growled. She was wearing the frill-covered negligee that she usually wore to bed.

Saionji's eyebrows raised, "Well, well, Arisugawa.. it seems like maybe you really are a woman."

Her enraged stare was answer enough. She stood up and strode over to the pajama-clothed Saionji, threw back her arm, and just as Saionji winced away, her hand hit his face. However, it wasn't hard enough for Saionji to have been knocked out this time. And, this time, it was punctuated by words.

"YOU! STUPID! IDIOT! I! HATE! YOU!" she shouted. Saionji didn't dare move away from her punishment, for he knew that then the punishment would be much worse. Juri didn't pause, and there were tears clinging to the edges of her eyes.

"I! HOPE! YOU! DIE! IN THE GUTTER! FOR…" she stopped slapping him, and then looked at him with fiery ice in her eyes, "FOR GETTING ME PREGNANT!" and with the final slap, Saionji gave himself over once again to unconsciousness.

Juri rubbed her sore hand as she heard the rev of an engine, and saw the reflection of light from a leather interior. She narrowed her eyes as the car slipped back into the night like a silent breeze.

Tentatively, Mikage knocked on the door of the Kiryuu mansion.

A sniffling voice came over the intercom, "H-hello?"

Mikage pressed the button, "Um. It's me, Mikage…"

"Oh.. Okay…" said the sad and tearful voice.

"Can I come in?" Mikage asked.

"Sure.. Sure.. Miss Nanami has been waiting for you."

Mikage blinked, "Um.. This isn't Nanami?"

"No." Said the voice, "I'm Aiko."

"But you sounded so upset. What's the matter?" Mikage asked, human suffering being his business.

"Miss Nanami hired me to cry for her. She figured she needed to stay comprehensible for this." Aiko said.

"Oh." Mikage said, "Well.. Then.. Can I come in?"

"Um.." Aiko sniffled, "Yes.." The door swung open.

Nanami met Mikage in the drawing room.

"Mikage.." she said, and, true to Aiko's word, she was calm and clear-eyed now.

Aiko, meanwhile, came and sat on the couch near Nanami's ornate chair, and started to sob.

"So…. You wanted to talk to me.." Mikage said, uncomfortable as to how to deal with the random girl randomly sobbing on the altogether non random couch.

"Yes.." Said Nanami, her eyes clouded with a calm pain, "You do… remember that night?"

Mikage's eyes did the shoujo wooble, "Um.. Yes I do."

Nanami's eyes woobled and she clenched the hem of her dress. Then she looked up, "Yuuko, get in here!" she shouted.

"Yes Nanami-sama.." Yuuko said, shuffling in with an incredible swiftness.

"Get down on that couch and start crying." Nanami said, pointing to the couch.

"Yes Nanami-sama…" She said, sitting. There was a moment's pause, and then she collapsed into incredibly loud and messy tears.

"Mikage.." Nanami said, "I'm just going to have to tell you this.." she finished lamely.

Meanwhile Aiko and Yuuko's tears grew more fervent and loud.

"UM… ALL RIGHT!!" Mikage said, having to shout to make himself heard over their tears.

"WELL, IT'S JUST THAT… THAT NIGHT… MIKAGE, I'M PR-mpgh!" the mpgh was all that Mikage could hear of the last word, for Aiko and Yuuko rose to deafening decibels.

"WHAT??" he shouted, moving closer.

Nanami stood up, and cupped her hands around her mouth, "I'M PREGNANT!!!!" she shouted, loud enough to make the windows shake. Aiko and Yuuko screeched, and at just that moment, the emotion became too much for Nanami, and she also burst into incredibly messy and loud tears. The windows shook and then broke, and the sound rose above humanly tolerable levels.

Mikage heard a wet snapping sort of noise in his ears, and then blacked out.

There was a soft crunch outside the window as the perfect angular painting of the broken glass was turned into dust by the wheels of a car. However, Nanami and her minions were crying too loudly to hear it. The car hurried away, lest its mirrors shatter.

"Hello?" called a dulcet voice from outside the plain and normal door.

"C-come in…" Wakaba said.

Touga slid the door open to see Wakaba in her PJ's, sort of crouched on the bed. Touga made a lecherous grin, and sighed a bit, "So.. I know and you know what you've called me over here for."

Wakaba looked up, startled, "You do?" she said, shock and surprise clear on her features.

Touga nodded, "It wasn't too hard to predict.. It happens to most of the girls I've been with." He said.

Wakaba's face became even more surprised and amazed, "It does?"

Touga grinned, "Of course.. Do you think they call me the 'prince of the Student Council' for nothing?" he said with a tone of voice one would use with a child, or someone who was very inexperienced.

Wakaba frowned, "Well, I wouldn't think something like that would have anything to do with it." She muttered.

Touga considered, sitting on the bed, "Well, it shouldn't, but then.. Sometimes that's what princes are for." He said, "So anyway, this happens… and then they call me for help."

Wakaba now looked somewhat frightened, "There's… There's something you can do to help?"

Touga nodded, "Of course.. It doesn't take too long, an hour at the most. I could do it longer, but mostly they don't last that long." Wakaba was now extremely nervous and doubtful.

"Oh, but I don't know…" Wakaba said.

"Don't worry.." Touga said, smiling, "it won't be any trouble." He advanced upon her, on the bed, and she looked at him, eyes magnified to about three hundred times their size.

"Just me, your prince.. No need to be frightened.." he said, closing his lips about hers.

Wakaba immediately wrenched away and spat, her eyes furious, "What do you think you're doing?"

Touga sat up, confused, "Trying to help you!" He said. She blinked at him angrily, and he thought for a moment, "Well, you called me up in the middle of the night, and you sounded really urgent. So… I thought…"

Wakaba's eyes opened wide and furious, "You thought… That I…" she choked out in anger.

Touga was confused, and nodded, "Um.. Yeah.. Duh."

Wakaba growled, and swept herself off the bed, "You IDIOT!" she seethed, "I wouldn't go through something like that again for a hundred million yen."

Touga was peeved, but he didn't show it, "Come now.. You must have enjoyed yourself at least a little. Why not give over to absolute pleasure?" he said, sprawling on the bed, his robe barely covering certain parts. As it was, the parts were outlined fairly sharply by his somewhat thin silk robe.

Wakaba averted her eyes, "You moron!" she said, nevertheless her breath catching a bit.

"Well then, if it wasn't that, what was it that called you to phone me tonight?" Touga asked, voice snide. He sat up, straddling the bed with his massive shoujo legs.

Wakaba smirked, despite her predicament, she was deriving an incredibly sick pleasure from this, "Well, if you must know.." She said, effecting nonchalance, "I'm pregnant."

Touga nodded, not really having listened to what she said. Then he paused, "W-WHAT???" he shouted, jumping up a bit on the bed. His jostlement caused one of the not well fastened springs to come up from the mattress.. in a very.. delicate place.

As Touga collapsed, holding his 'important parts' with a mask of pain painted across his features, he heard the greeting horn of a very familiar car outside the window, just before he blacked out from the pain.

Meanwhile, a little boy walked in the dark outside the dorms. If any matronly type women were around, they would accost him for worrying his mother, force him to wear a sweater, pinch his cheeks, and then walk him home. However, none of those were around right now, and if they were, they wouldn't know what was in store for him. However, the readers do. If any of them was walking by, I'm sure he or she would pat the poor boy on the head and express deepest sympathy. Unless they were evil and sadistic readers, in which case, they would point, laugh, and then go off to make out with Touga or Utena, or whichever the case may be.. But that's in a fanfic that they may be writing. (prepares self for many flames)

He walked like a man to the gallows. Head down, step slow, body slouched. He knocked on the door with a doom-laden expression on his face.

"Takeshi, is that you?" said a preoccupied-sounding voice from inside. The door opened, and Kozue swept her eyes from right to left about a foot over Mitsuru's head. Then she looked down.

"Oh, it's you, is it?" she said, "I remember now. Come on in."

Mitsuru meekly stepped forward into the room, which was mystically decked out in silken drapes and dark lighting.

"Just sit down right there.." Kozue said. She was wearing a thin negligee which was nearly transparent. Mitsuru noticed that, and looked down, embarrassed, a blush spreading across his features.

Kozue blinked, "What are you blushing about?" she said, and then she looked down, "Oh yeah, I forgot how young you were. Well, anyway, I have something to tell you." She said, putting on a smoking jacket which was gleaned from a questionable source.

"Um.. What is it then?" He asked.

Kozue fluffed up her hair, considering. She had found that bad news such as this was best told to a guy afterwards… but.. This kid was so young, and she had been his first, so… better she should come right out with it.

"Well, the thing is…" She paused. Though incredibly slutty, Kozue was not inconsiderate, "Do you know what happens when people do things like we did?" she asked him, leaning down to get on his level.

"No." Mitsuru said, becoming more nervous by the moment.

"Sometimes, they have babies." Kozue said.

Mitsuru's eyes widened. This was not how he envisioned growing up would be.

Kozue nodded, "And Tsuwabuki?" she said, "I'm going to have a baby."

Mitsuru's eyes widened further.

"And Mitsuru?" Kozue said, "The father of this baby is… you."

Mitsuru's eyes widened to an unholy size, so much so that he looked a bit like some kind of insect or a starving Ethiopian child. It seemed as if his eyes were going to pop out of his sockets.

Kozue turned her attention back to Mitsuru, "Hello?" she asked. There was no response. She waved her hands in front of his face. She snapped her fingers. No response.

"Hm." She said, "Out cold." She clucked her tongue, "Too bad. Well, I've got a date." She said, leaving very quickly.

After a few moments, a car parked outside. Mechanically, Mitsuru got up, opened the door, walked out to the car, opened the door, and got in. His eyes were still filling up most of his head. In his altered state, he didn't notice that there was no one in the driver's seat. The car drove away, with Mitsuru staring straight forward in the front seat, not seeing anything.

Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated place…

"It's nice, isn't it?"

"What is?"

"Well, I never realized before how fun it could be."


"Being with you.."

"Aw, that's so sweet…" *kiss*

The girl with the cropped short violet hair kissed the girl with the strange bangs and pigtails on the lips, and then Keiko and Shiori went back to sleep.

"It's all thanks to Rijichou…." Murmured Shiori.

::Pause…:: Wow… That was somewhat disturbing. Anyway, now that we've considered the good that the Akio Car has done, we can go back to the real story…

Miki woke up in his bed, and looked around, "Oh… Thank god.." he said, laying back in relief, "It was all a dream…"

"Guess again." Utena said.

Miki jumped, and looked over to see her sitting on a chair next to his bed.

"No?" he said, tearing up.

Utena shook her head.

"Damn." Miki said. Utena's eyebrows raised. Miki, it seemed, had grown up quickly.

"Well… I guess I'd better go home." Utena said, "It's not like I can do anything more to ruin your life." She said ruefully.

Miki blinked, "That's right!" he said, "Oh, my, you haven't gotten any sleep tonight! You're sleeping for two now! Here, you can have my bed, I'll just sleep on the floor." He said quickly. Utena blinked.

"But I could just go home…" she said.

"No, no, you can't walk all that way! You're carrying a baby!" He said as if she was suggesting he take his head off and let Akio use it as a candy dish.

Utena blinked, "Um.. Okay…" she said, as she allowed Miki to usher her into his bed.

"I'll just sleep on the floor," he said. But there was no answer, because Utena was already asleep.

Saionji awoke, and immediately jumped up, "Well, being an honorable man, there's only one thing I can do." He kneeled, "Arisugawa, will you marry me?" He looked up to see that Juri had blanched, and was looking positively green.

She narrowed her eyes, "Get out." She said.

"Is that a no?" Saionji said, surprised, "Why?"

Juri gritted her teeth, "You're not my type."

"I'm not quite sure that matters, now."

"I'm a lesbian." She said bluntly.

Saionji paused, "You're what?" he said softly, eyes wide.

"Not interested." She said.

Saionji nodded, "All right… Okay…. Um.. I'd better…. Go…" He said, eyes wide. He made a flying leap for the door, and ran like hell.

Juri leaned out the window, "It was nice of you to offer though!" she shouted after him with an evil grin.

Mikage awoke slowly, the figures in front of him lazily swimming into focus. He rubbed his head, and felt the pressure and pain in his ears. He rubbed one, and came away with blood.

"Nanami?" he asked, and his voice was distant.

Nanami was looking at him.

"M~~~~~?" she asked, and he couldn't hear her.

"Nanami, I can't hear you!"

Nanami frowned, "M~~~~~, d~~~ y~~l!" she said, covering her ears.

Aiko frowned down on him, "M~~~e, M~~~~~-s~n sh~~d see a d~~~~~…." She said doubtfully.

Mikage waved a hand, "No, no… I'm fine, I'm getting better." He said.

"A~~ ~ou su~a?" asked Nanami.

Mikage nodded, "Just wait a moment!" he said.

Aiko, Yuuko, and Nanami winced.

"S~op it, Mik~~~! You~e h~~~~~ my e~~s!" Nanami said angrily.

Mikage frowned at the injustice of that statement, but kept quiet.

"Mik~~~-sa~ s~~~s s~~~~~at b~~~~r…" demurred Yuuko.

Mikage paused, "Mikage-san sees something better?" he asked.


"Oh." He said, "Well, I'd better go. Maybe Mamiya can do something for me." he said.

"G~~d Evening, Mikag~-sa~!" said Yuuko and Aiko in unison.

"PLEASE TALK TO ME LATER!" Nanami said loudly, for his benefit. Mikage nodded, and left for the Nemuro hall.

Touga woke to find himself on a cold doorstep.

"Hey!" he shouted, noting that his personal parts were still throbbing, "What do you mean by ditching me out here!?"

Wakaba's voice came from inside, "You can go home, that's all I needed!" she shouted.

Touga frowned, "But I'm your baby's daddy!" he protested.

"My baby doesn't have a daddy." She said simply, "My baby has an involuntary sperm donor."

Touga winced, "That's awfully cold." He said.

"So are you, out there. Go home." She said, "I hate you."

Touga shrugged, he had gotten warmer receptions, but there were a very few colder ones, "All right then, I'm leaving."

There was no answer. Touga left, and went home.

The errant car cruised slowly down the streets, following the routes that Mikage had to go to his home, the Nemuro Hall. It switched off its lights within a few blocks of the building so as not to alert the man to his presence. It glided up to the window, and as far as a car can, peered inside.


"What?" Mikage said, in another room.

"Mikage-sama, don't you think that you should do something about that?" Mamiya asked.

Mikage blinked, "I'm bandaged, aren't I?" he said, "Sooner or later it will heal, a burst eardrum is not an 'Ohtori' illness."

"What do you mean?" Mamiya asked.

"It's not the kind of illness that the Rijichou allows around. It'll heal pretty quickly."

"If you say so.." Mamiya said.

"You should go to bed, Mamiya, you'll make yourself… sicker.." Mikage said.

"That's fine, Mikage-sama, I'll just make myself some tea, and then I'll go to bed later." Mamiya said.

"If you say so, Mamiya." Mikage shrugged, "I'm going to bed."

"What about the news from Miss Nanami?" Mamiya asked.

Mikage paused, "That's of no concern of yours." He said shortly, going to bed.

Mamiya paused for a moment, then grinned an evil grin. He quietly stepped out of the building, and went out to where the car sat, idling silently.

"I'm back…" Said Mamiya, who was no longer Mamiya anymore.

The car purred.

"Do you have some news for my Onii-sama?" said Anthy, who used to be Mamiya.. I know it's confusing, but what else do you expect from Utena?

The car made an affirmative sound.

"Good." Said Anthy, and she got into the passenger side of the car, smiling in the dark as the Akio car drove out of sight into the darkness.


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