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She took the stars in her hand

Kissed them

Then laid them one by one on her lover's bed

Her whispers to him

Became gossamer threads

Which she wove into a cloak of night

To hide them from the world

Hidden words

Wrapped around

The heat of passion

He held her

And made her promises

"We'll make the world tremble, my love."

And she believed him

She held on to his words

Like a raft bobbing in the ocean

She won't let go

She doesn't want to sink

Silken touches


Across burning bodies

She arches

And her back becomes

The dome of sky

That envelopes the Earth

A night goddess

Over pristine whiteness

Her eyes lose focus

And for a moment

He is nothing but

Soft lavender

Falling around her

And blood red

Brushing against her skin

She looks once more

And he is complete again

Or complete enough

Lacking only a heart

She kisses his chest

And knows it is hollow

So alike are they

A perfect fit

It is only a matter of

Putting the pieces back together

It creates

Gasps and moans

It destroys

Hope and faith

It is life and death

They are life and death

Rose devil

Sword lady

Sweat becomes diamonds

Wounds become want

The lovers

Do not want to see themselves

While in the throes of forgetting

So the room has no light

She has plucked the stars from the sky

Hiding the two of them

And leaving the world

To darkness