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Analysis +++ Essays    

Personality Analysis Essays

• • Playing Prince:
              The Dangers of Role Appropriation and Scripted Romance in Revolutionary Girl Utena
           by: Catherine
           You know, we should probably feel bad that it took thirteen years to get a personality essay about Utena herself. We have atrophied consciences, though, so we don't. Not to mention that this is definitely one worth waiting for! *NEW STUFF*

• • To Make An Omelette You Have To Crack Some Eggs:
              Nanami's Misadventures in Adolescence and Family Matters
           by: Clarice
           An in-depth and fascinating look at Nanami, her struggles with growing up her brother's sister, her symbols, her future, and her own version of growing up.

• • Priestess of the Perpetual Sacrifice
           by: sharnii
           An overview of the character of Himemiya Anthy, past, present, and future, using direct quotes from the series.

• •
Sex and the Sinner
           by: Giovanna
           A long time ago, I wrote an essay titled 'Akio Ohtori in Bed'. This is its spiritual successor, an extensive analysis of Akio's sexuality: where it started, why, how he uses it, and what it means in a larger sense.

• •
Wild Animals
           by: dollface
           SKU doesn't save the complexity for the major characters! This is an excellent examination of Kozue, one of those characters the show makes it temptingly easy to misunderstand, and extremely rewarding not to.

• •
Perfection's Shadow
           [Spanish, thanks to Anonymous Awesome Person]
           by: Razara
           A detailed and impressive explanation of the very misunderstood Shiori, by our dear Razara. Hurrah!

• • Thoughts on the Pigtailed One
           by: Blade
           Visit Blade's site!
           Keiko's motives are never examined in-depth in the show, and here Blade does an excellent job dissecting them. Here's to pigtails!

• • Giovanna and Yasha Lasciviously Present: Spankins!
           by: Giovanna & Yasha
           Spankins! is the very, very lengthy side-effect of two people, a writer and an analyst, both with their minds in the gutter, spending way too much time yapping on ICQ. It's exactly what it sounds like: scenarios involving spanking, and analysis of them. Obviously, if you object to violence, sex, or lots of reading, this isn't for you. For those of you that aren't wussies: Enjoy!

• • The Missing Link: Manga-Touga and the Solving of a Paradox
           by: Hugo Schmidt
           Hugo explores the relationship between series Touga and movie Touga by pointing out a bridge between them—manga Touga. Movie, manga, and series meet in one essay!

• • Concerning Touga's Seitokai Duels
           by: Giovanna
           Touga's two Seitokai duels as they concern the major players: Touga, Utena, Akio, and Anthy. This is a long one, so don't say I didn't warn you!

• • Anthy as Viewer's Mirror
           by: Azusa Kuraino
           What is it about Anthy that seems to confuse even the audience? Azusa explains the correlations between Anthy and our own behaviors in this wonderful piece.

• • Two Princes
           by: Ashnod
           Visit Ashnod's Evangelion/SKU crossover! Shin Kakumei Evangelion
           The possibilities for princes among the cast of SKU prove very slim, but though Juri's introduction paints her unsympathetic, Ashnod maintains that she, too, could be a prince.

• • On Ruka
           by: Graham Tedesco-Blair
           Line by line analysis of the Juri-centered episodes of the Akio Arc (28 and 29), with focus on the short-lived character of Ruka.

• • Wakaba and the Big Green Monster
           by: Giovanna
           Wakaba is SKU's token 'normal' girl. So how is it that a normal girl ends up crushing on a jerk like Saionji? Well I know how, and now you can, too!

• •
Anthy's Malice
           by: Giovanna
           I'm of the camp of SKU fans that believes Anthy is far from the victim character people often make her out to be. This essay goes over a few of Anthy's nastier moments in the series that folks tend to miss.

Relationship and Character Connection Essays

• • Jury and Ruka: Miracles and Sacrifice
           by: Hugo Schmidt
           How and why did Ruka do what he did in those tense (and for him, possibly fatal) episodes? What was his motivation? Hugo explains it all, with bonus duel song analysis!

• • A Link in Obscurity
           by: Yasha
           Well now, what do we have here? An essay about the way Miki and Touga act and react to each other? Of course we do. One of the most overlooked relationships in the series, explained for your perusal.

• • Miki, Mikage, and Genius
           by: Giovanna
           Being as intelligent as Miki and Mikage are is rarely an entirely good thing. In this essay I talk about what genius has done to these two characters, and how it connects their situations together.

• • Touga and the Fangirls that Adore Him
           by: Yasha
           Come on people, you know Gio would never write this. Li'l ole Yasha decided it was time to examine the peculiarities of Touga worshipers— fangirl analysis ahead!

• • Akio and the Fangirls that Hate Him
           by: Giovanna
           Have you ever wondered why it is that no matter how sexy a villain is, most women will swear they're not attracted to them at all? No? Well I have, so I wrote this.

Symbolism and Story Essays

• • Adolescent Apocalypse
           Coming of Age through a Depth Psychological Lens
           by: Danielle
           Movie symbolism analysis! Not just movie symbolism analysis, Jungian movie symbolism analysis! What can I say, I like 'em... wait... okay, no, I won't go there. *NEW STUFF*

• • Fight/Flight, Rest/Relaxation
           by: Giovanna
           Saionji's strange behavior during his stay at Wakaba's dorm analyzed through his body language. How'd we get from slapping to sparklies, and what it says about Saionji. This essay's name refers to the nervous system responses to stress and calm.

• •
Things That Can Be Said Without Words
           by: Maarika
           Homework strikes again in this examination of the presence of non-verbal communication in SKU. After all, we know there's far more at play in the series than what people say.

• •
Pulling Swords Out of People
           by: satyreyes
           Who didn't wonder, just a little, what was so great about Tatsuya that Mikage let him go? Through Tatsuya, satyreyes uncovers the drives behind the Black Rose Duellists.

• • The Prince Who Runs in the Night
           by: Celeste
          An in-depth look at the past, future, and undercurrents of the duels, drawn from the time and events of Episode 33.

• • Motive and Source
           by: Giovanna
           Gio, in her ineffable wisdom, has decided to examine the circumstances and motivations behind the Seitokai members' drive to join the Seitokai in the first place. What strings did Akio pull to convince them to join in his game? Find out inside.

• • Sex, Torment, and Body Language
           by: Giovanna
           'The' scene in episode 33 ("The Prince who Runs in the Night"), explained primarily in body language. This is the unnatural evolution of my old essay about how silly it is to think Akio rapes Utena. This one's a wee bit larger in scope.

• • Mikage, Manet, and Titian
           by: Celeste
           This excerpt from Celeste's much longer Mikage/BRS essay discusses the connection between a specific shot of Mikage and the paintings that it refers to.

Theme, Philosophy and Other Essays

• • Utena's Revolution
            or la Fin de l'Ancien Régime Romantique
           by: Etrangere
           Etrangere explores the correlation between relationships in Utena and the historical and political structures that SKU references. Fascinating stuff! *NEW STUFF*

• • For The Garden Where All Love Ends:
              A Discourse Upon The Black Rose Saga Page 1 - Page 2
           by: Clarice
           The essay that schooled all of us on how it's done. This mammoth piece of work takes apart the Black Rose Saga, Mikage, the symbolism, and every subject therein. It has to be read; you try summarizing it in a sentence or two.

• •
En Garde!: Fencing at Ohtori Academy
           by: Leaf
           An examination of the art of fencing at Ohtori Academy, the characters that fence, and what can be drawn from their ways of doing so—straight from a real life fencer!

• • In Medias Res
           by: Cat
           The fabulous Cat has given us an essay comparing Hinduism and Buddhism through the media of Utena. Philosophy students, take notice!

• • The Failing Revolution?
           by: Spiral Artist
           Spiral Artist introduces some new analysis fodder-- could Utena really have been about the feminist struggle against the capitalist and patriarchal order?

• • "Shoujo Kakumei Utena" Monomyth
           by: Rhyaniwyn
           The storyline of SKU explained in terms of Joseph Campbell's monomyth. For those out of the loop, Star Wars and The Matrix have been pointed out to fit his outline. They lack hot villains, though, and so are not discussed here.

Opening/Closing Theme and Duel Chorus Essays

• • Virtual Star Embryology: A Visual Analysis
           by: Maarika
           Straight from the forum! Maarika approaches the visuals and body language in the closing credit sequence. Girls kissing!

• • I Can't
           by: Nicolas
           Visit his Masami Okui forum!
           Nicolas is back again, with another song analyzed for your amusement. This time it's the B-Side to "Rondo Revolution", "I Can't..."

• • Analysis of "Virtual Star Embryology"
           by: Kiseki
           Kiseki connects Saionji's duel song and the closing theme of the last half of the series to Aristotle's philosophy and cosmology. I nagged him for this one, go go philosophy students!

• •
           by: Nicolas
           Visit his Masami Okui forum!
           Something a little different for us analysis fans! This essay takes a look at, not the series itself, but the ever-popular 'Rondo-Revolution', and the more baffling aspects of the song.

• •
"Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery" Explained
           by: Caleb
           An incredible dissertation concerning JA Seazer's duel chorus, written for the "Revolution" duel between Akio and Utena.
           For those interested in the interpretation of Internal Clock, Julie Kersten contacted me to point out something very interesting: the lyrics appear to refer to a specific place! Read on here.

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