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     All the information you could ever ask for concerning the soundtracks that cover the absolutely amazing music in Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Here you'll find release info (Japanese and domestic), tracklists, short reviews, and more. AD: Apocalypse is a nice little guide to the different recordings of the song, and check information for thank yous and suggestions on where to buy the Japanese release Utena CDs!

Mp3s! 'Git 'em while they're hot!

     10/14/09): With the release of the SKU remastered album box set came a special 'Disc X' of remixes of popular SKU tunes. For the timebeing, this new music is very much import only, and thanks to Almaser of the forums, it's available, with track title translations, here on Empty Movement for us weaksauce gaijin! The CD is of 'club-style' remixes. So um, yeah. More information on this release, and the DVD boxes, can be found here.

The Absolute Destiny Ball: Utena in the Club (ZIP, 10 tracks in 43MB. Right click, save as.)
01. Club Mix: Rondo Revolution (Vocal Medley)
02. Techno: The Sunlit Garden
03. Bossa Nova: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
04. Samba: Revolutionary Girl Overture
05. Dark Mix: Shadow Girls
06. Mambo: Aphrodite of Death
07. Hawaiian: Legend: The God's Name is Abraxas
08. Club Mix: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse/J.A. Seazer Medley
Bonus Tracks
09. Bossa Nova: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse [Karaoke Track]
10. Club Mix: Absolute Destiny Apocalypse [Simple Edit]

     Looking for a track? Just drop me a line with the one you want, using an e-mail address that can take the file size. If you don't know the name of the song, don't worry! If you can give me a specific scene it plays in, I can find it for you—yes, I know the soundtracks that well. There's only a couple things on this site that I don't have available for request, a few of the miscellanous CD release tracks. You got 'em? Do send!

     These mp3s are for evaluation purposes only . I hold no responsibility for what you do with them, don't sue me please, I'm broke and you'll make me sad. If you like what you hear, SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL RELEASES.

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